Baby gift ideas

A new baby is a joy, not only to its parents, but to their friends and family as well. When the baby is born, you want to be the first one to spoil that infant and, along with the parents, shower them with presents. If you’re stuck for ideas, however, think of baby gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression on the parents’ hearts, are you going to a baby shower? Check out our baby shower gift ideas here.

Instead of overloading parents-to-be with baby clothes and toys as baby gifts, think of something more original to surprise the parents. Forget onesies and frames with the word ‘baby’ on them as baby gift, and think of something more practical and original. There are so many other things you can give to the newborn to show your love and support for the new parents on this exciting journey, from practical gift sets to keepsakes and personalized gifts.

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Newborn gift ideas

Newborn gift ideas

With so many babies to welcome into the world, you would think that getting gifts for newborns would be super easy, but with the rapid changes in style and the shifting trends, it is very important to keep up with what's hot and trending so that your gift is awesome. Get ready for some inspiration and ideas for your ...


Original Baby Gift Ideas

Baby gift baskets are probably the most thoughtful and useful presents to give to any new parent. Make your own by purchasing a wicker basket for around £5 from a hobby store - and filling it with things that are sure to come in handy. A great idea is to include many small but different things. For example, a much-welcomed gift would be around 6 pairs of socks in different sizes - from 1 month to 6 months, for example - so that the baby can grow into them.

Practical things like nappies, dummies and baby oil would also be appreciated more than you might think. Add a few baby snacks and a cute set of bibs to make it even more precious. A small, plush, soft fleece blanket and baby wipes are also great fillers. Finish the basket off with some cellophane and a chunky ribbon, for the perfect gift! If you're not sure what a newborn needs, there are plenty of things you may not even think of, so browse our pages for some inspiration.

Baby Gift Sets

Baby gift sets can also be practical yet thoughtful. There are various gift sets available to suit all budgets, and they can also be personalised, although ready-made ones, including matching items which just go perfectly together, are easier than matching items yourself! These can include anything from dinner sets, socks sets, cuddly toys sets and infant-friendly toys. If you do take the time to put together a set yourself, the thought will be warmly appreciated, and there's plenty to choose from here.

Finally, a really special gift idea would be a book that the baby's parents can personalize. It's unlike any other, because it's unique to the baby, and the parents are sure to enjoy personalizing this book for their little one to read as he or she grows up. It's the sweetest way to capture those precious moments; from birth, to the baby's first step, to the first day of school and everything in between. A blank photo album is also a cute idea, especially if with a photo of the baby on the cover. The structure of such books makes it easy for the parents to fill in personal notes for more fun!