Birthday gift ideas

No matter who the birthday gift is for, it can be a stressful time for those of us who are shopping around. Regardless of whether it is a family member or friend, most of us like to put the same time and effort in to our present choices in an effort to show that we care. This can however, mean endless wanderings through shops or intensive online searches in this pursuit.

Added to this is usually the issue that the recipient often asserts vociferously that of course there is nothing that they want. We all know this to be a lie and our lives would be made so much simpler if we were just provided with a list. However, herein lies the key to present giving – pay attention to the person. It may sound obvious but when it comes to a birthday gift, showing that you have paid attention, understood their interests and bought a present accordingly, is almost the best present in itself.

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The Presentation of the Birthday Gift

Many of you maybe confused by this but making the gift giving a momentous occasion can be part of the fun and elevate the present to another level. This can include multiple different ideas such as the way it is presented. For example, if wrapping the birthday present directly will give what it is away, then wrap it in a box or other shape to change its appearance. Alternatively, wrap it in a box for something mundane so that the recipient, upon opening it, is confused. Other options for presentation can include such things as sending them on a treasure hunt full of clues to find it, if that is what they like.

Making an effort in the process of wrapping can also show the level of care and attention that has gone into the gift as a whole. Choose a themed wrapping paper that fits with their interests or simply deck it out with bows and ribbons in order to make it look like a gift fit for a king, or indeed a queen. There are also different ways it can be presented such as sending them on a treasure hunt full of clues to find it. At the end of the day, never underestimate the power of unwrapping gifts and on occasion more presents to unwrap simply means more enjoyment for the receiver.

Here is a lift of different type of birthday gift occasions:

Finding the Present

Of course how to wrap the gift has still not aided us in our search for what to wrap. This is where some imagination, ingenuity and potentially some downright stalking will come into play. The latter is simple in this day and age, as so much is shared on social media that you may already have a good idea of what they might like. As we mentioned before, knowing the person is key. Find out about their interests either through a social media page or via friends or family.

Think outside the box! If they like a specific book or movie, maybe take them to a restaurant, gallery or exhibit following that theme. If they don't know about it so much the better. Finding something they want that they don't actually know they desire is a huge win in the present giving game. Alternatively finding out things that they need but might be too pricey for them will be an excellent way to endear yourself to them forever. Sometimes it is just the simple things.