1st birthday gift ideas

For most parents, celebrating their child’s first birthday is a major milestone. This birthday is an especially big deal if they are celebrating their only child’s first birthday because it has been a year of excitement and learning for everyone! Here are some great 1st birthday gift ideas for anyone, be they Mum, Dad or other family and friends.

To begin the day it may be wise for the parents of the birthday baby to wake them up with a small toy they’ve been wanting for a while. Even though they don’t understand why they are getting the toy, they are happy with it just the same. Take into consideration also that for the child’s 1st birthday present, they don’t need anything fancy. Bright colours and funny noises are always a winner.

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Newborn gift ideas

Newborn gift ideas

With so many babies to welcome into the world, you would think that getting gifts for newborns would be super easy, but with the rapid changes in style and the shifting trends, it is very important to keep up with what's hot and trending so that your gift is awesome. Get ready for some inspiration and ideas for your ...


1st Birthday Gift Ideas for the Studious Baby

1st birthday gift ideasSome children are inclined to enjoy storybooks for mummy and daddy to read, others may enjoy a colouring book even if they don't quite grasp the concept of colouring. Other children might prefer building blocks, stacking buckets, or destroying what their sibling had just built. You can never go wrong with an educational yet fun toy - what parent doesn't look for any opportunity for their child to learn?

Great 1st birthday ideas might also be something for the baby's nursery. One of the most exciting parts of parenthood, especially for new parents, is decorating the baby's room with all sort of adorable things. A well-made height chart is a gift that the baby has plenty of time to outgrow and the perfect gift for parents to record their little baby's growth into a not-so-little child. Any cute little addition to the nursery that doesn't come out of their own pockets is something any parent will appreciate and cherish!

Give the Gift of Great Memories

Most of us appreciate that a 1-year-old will hardly be aware of his own existence, let alone that's it's his/her special day! So, what you can do is give them something that will last for many years to look back on. A great idea is to make a photo collage with memorable photos that capture his/her very first year on this planet in one frame.

Collect the best, most adorable photos of the baby you can get your hands on - their first bath, their first day at home, their christening if they've had one, or a funny memory (babies make plenty of these!) and combine them in a gorgeous frame that can hold multiple photographs. Alternatively, you can also create a photo to represent each month, although you may have to be sneaky with the parents to obtain these! This is a gift that all the family will love, and it will provide memories for years to come.