21st birthday gift ideas

Turning twenty-one is a big deal for many of us in the Western world. It is a coming of age process even though, for most of us, we have been legally able to do everything before this point. It is still somewhat of a throwback to another time and is still seen as the juncture between childhood and stepping up to become an adult. This means that coming up with good 21st birthday gift ideas can be a bit daunting.

What used to be fun and cool has now been dropped for a more austere ‘adult’ persona, as the new adult raises the bar on what they expect out of life. This puts the rest of us in a bind having known these people for years, we are suddenly sidelined, not knowing what to get them at all. 21st gift ideas that at one time seemed ‘cool’ are now passe.

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Funny gift ideas with character

Funny gift ideas with character

With no clear way to define funny, it's great to see how many things you can come up with for funny gift ideas. You can go as crazy or as conservative as you want, but no matter which way you choose to go, you are bound to find something very interesting to suit your kind of funny. And, to reflect some kind of ...

Cool gifts for cool people

Cool gifts for cool people

Ever been around that person who just gets you thinking about how absolutely cool they are? Most of us have, and some of us are actually that person! We instinctively understand that an ordinary gift just won't do. There is a need for something chic. Here, we will show you some really cool gift ideas that will be just ...


Traditional 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21st birthday gift ideasFor many of us, we will resort to the more traditional 21st birthday present. A significant moment in the past was the giving of a key to the house, and this is literally the key to the present. Nowadays, instead of giving a physical house key, the gift has changed to a key as part of a pendant. The mystique of the key lives on with many cultures believing it has magical properties, though for most of us now, the key is simple the symbol of a new beginning.

Men too usually have a traditional 21st gift as well. This usually comes in the form of a watch and more often than not, this is a more expensive one. Men like to show off their wrist accessories maybe even more than women do so it is worth splashing out and going for a good designer brand to signify this momentous occasion. Boys usually have a preference or a style so listen closely to what he says or, alternatively, ask some close friends for a little extra advice.

Be Creative

Twenty-one-year-olds are rather hard to cater to in any aspect of their life. They themselves are often on the brink of new life choices and don't actually know what they want either. Young people will always appreciate something fun and a little frivolous, but on the other hand becoming an adult means that they will soon start to have bigger life responsibilities. A fun trinket, coupled with something more useful, could be a good option.

Buying a gift for a 21st birthday opens up a lot of possibilities. People of this age are usually very receptive to any new ideas and are not yet set in their ways, so you can be more adventurous when buying a gift. People this age are often a little short of money, so if you buy them something that they could not usually afford, it will be a big treat for them, and sure to be treasured in years to come.