30th birthday gift ideas

In recent years turning thirty has replaced the twenty-first birthday. With adults staying at home longer, a lot of the traditions associated with the younger age are now only coming to fruition when people turn thirty. With this in mind, this has now put pressure on the rest of us to come up with great 30th birthday gift ideas in an attempt to make this day even more special.

Not long ago, turning thirty was something that was approached with dread. Many of us felt that if a certain number of goals had not been achieved by this time then it was all over. Now though, boundaries are shifting and thirty is considered to be the new jumping off point into life. If life begins when you turn thirty, then the 30th birthday present choices should reflect that.

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Cool gifts for cool people

Cool gifts for cool people

Ever been around that person who just gets you thinking about how absolutely cool they are? Most of us have, and some of us are actually that person! We instinctively understand that an ordinary gift just won't do. There is a need for something chic. Here, we will show you some really cool gift ideas that will be just ...


30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

30th birthday gift ideasEach person is different, so when deciding on 30th birthday gift ideas for her, they must be in keeping with her interests and personality. As we discussed, this is an age where many women are now seen as being more mature. Some may have children and a family whilst others may be focusing on a career and a job, and so the types of gifts you can choose will be very different depending on the circumstances.

Those with families or children on the way would welcome child related gifts. Anything that will make their life easier around the house is always going to be appreciated. That being said, giving them something to pamper themselves with will remind them to have valuable alone time. Others are just kicking off a career, starting something new or simply need a break from it all. These recipients would appreciate something in the form of an experience, a trip or an outing with friends and family to forget all their current worries.

A 30th Birthday Present for Him

Men are simultaneously easier to get presents for and harder than women. Many men display an uncaring attitude towards the act of gift giving making it hard to get any information out of them on what they want. However, when you do give them a present they are much more accepting of it. At thirty, many men are into fitness and sports. Usually, this is the time they have decided to take care of their bodies. A sports-related gift such as new equipment, clothes or even a gym membership will help them keep on track.

Alternatively, getting them something practical such as a strange gadget may also be a winner. At thirty, the man cave may just be coming into existence so gadgets, pens and other rather more mature objects are needed to fill the space and make this a place of comfort. There are plenty of fantastic products on these pages, which will provide you with more than enough choice to find the exact right thing for your friend or family member who is turning thirty.