80th birthday gift ideas

Reaching the age of eighty is still considered a landmark event, even in this day and age of increased longevity. With that in mind, it can be hard to find 80th birthday gift ideas that truly match the importance of the occasion. After all, how do you find something for the person who has been around for longer than all of you?

The challenge of finding an 80th birthday present is not as hard as it sounds. As with many present-giving ideas, the key here is to know the person you are shopping for. Many older folk like to garden, read books, do puzzles and generally spend their time in a much more relaxed manner than they used to. Give them something that will enrich their lives in comfort.

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Our favourite candle gift sets

Our favourite candle gift sets

We all know that getting a meaningful gift can be an arduous task, but we are here to make life a little bit easier. A great idea for a gift are some candle gift sets that come in all form of shapes and sizes. And, depending on your own personal preferences, you are sure to get something that is ideal for your own ...


Memorable 80th Birthday Gift Ideas

80th birthday gift ideas

The key word here is memory. Memories fade, even for the best of us. One of the most thoughtful gifts one can give is a memory album. This can include quotes from friends and family, snippets of life stories and can, of course, be chock-full of photographic memories. There are bonus points here if you can find baby photos.

These books can usually be lovingly created on many sites, and come printed out to exact specifications. Not only are you reminding the recipient of the amazing life they have had, but you have also taken the time to create this gift yourself. Nothing truly says 'you matter' more than a hand-crafted gift, and, at eighty, they're never too old to know how much you actually love them. Be prepared for tears, however, from some memories long forgotten, but these are, for the most part, happy ones.

Collectable Gifts

Many older people have collections of things, such as plates, glasses or mugs, often lovingly and painstakingly collected from around the world. So what better way to add to them than by adding a touch of personalisation to the proceedings. A glass announcing their age or other lifetime achievements can always elicit a positive response. Depending on how they are related to you, it can be important to include you in their gift as well.

Other options might include neat signs, quirky trinkets and even useful items such as thick socks, slippers and blankets. It may seem mundane to some of us, but these can go far in making the elderly feel more at home and comfortable. A puzzle book to keep the brain active is also a good option, as there is less stimulation at this age. At the end of the day, the aim of the gift is to give them pleasure; not you.