Bath bomb gift sets are becoming more and more popular and people are raving about them. Not only are they colourful, they are also fun and soothing. They take the whole bath experience to a whole new level, and are a great way to incorporate bubbles, essential oils, scent, and colour into your bath. Most of these bath bombs are handmade, which adds that touch of elegance and sentimental value, making them a perfect gift idea for a lot of occasions.

With the emergence and growth of the bath bomb industry, there are so many manufacturers out there. Some great and some not so great. As everyone tries to put their products in front of the right crowd, you may be unfortunate to meet the ones whose products are not so great. And, they sell you empty promises. Here we give you an idea of where to take your search. So, that you can get bath bombs that have been purchased and positively reviewed by other people.

bath bomb gift sets

Gorgeous Bath Bomb Gift Sets

A good gift should obviously be gorgeous otherwise the person you give it too may not be too pleased. A bath bomb gift is great. But, a gorgeous bath bomb gift is even better. What makes for a gorgeous gift is the beauty, the feeling that is evoked and the sheer styishness of the whole gift set.

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Natural Organic Relaxation Moisturizing Spa Fizzies

These seven excellent bath bombs each come in a unique flavour (mint, vanilla, chamomile, lavender, rose, ocean and green tea). And, what’s more, they are handmade. They are high-quality and people absolutely love them. This gift set not only comes with the large bath bombs. But, the round tin packaging in a beautiful pastel colour is also exquisite, elevating the gift.

Bomb Cosmetics Vintage Velvet Handmade Gift Pack

If you would like a touch of vintage with your bath bomb gift set then you should go for the velvet handmade offering from Bomb Cosmetics. Which are not only soothing, but they will also rejuvenate you and help heighten your mood. The collection is made up of five elegant bombs that will leave your skin velvet soft.

Bath Bombs with Added Detox Ability

Before you even open this gift set from Purenjoy, you will be captivated by the exquisite box the bath bombs come in. The six unique bombs are just as charming. And, they are individually wrapped to preserve their freshness. The six fragrances are there to cater for different moods. And, you have a choice of citrus lemon for increased vitality, mint to refresh you, vanilla and musk to detox. Also, rose for cosiness, purple lavender for relaxation, and natural ocean for rejuvenation.

All Round Beautiful, Soothing and Calming Gift

Bath bombs are an excellent way to soothe and rejuvenate your mind and body. Most people tend to think of women when they think of bath bombs. But, the truth is that these little bundles of fizz are ideal even for men. After all who does not want to relax at the end of a stressful day? Get yourself or a loved one a beautiful bath bomb gift set, and you will be glad you did.